[sword-devel] Windows beta 1.5.8pre3

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Feb 12 15:24:53 MST 2005

Lynn Allan wrote:
> The radio buttons are enabled now after an index has been built. I see
> a new option for "optimized search". I'm not clear what these do, but
> will investigate.

"Optimized Search" uses the Lucene index and Lucene syntax. The other 
three search types produce the old behavior with no index use.

> With ISV, "lord jesus christ" and "jesus lord christ" now indicate 88
> matches using "MultiWord" radio button. This behavior seems closer to
> expected with an implied "AND". However, no verses show up in the
> bottom "widget". Is the 1.5.6 "widget" for "Reference + Preview" gone?

Since Multi Word is just the old behavior, you'll get the old bevaior. 
If you use the Optimized Search, you'll get 1867 hits for the same 
search. This is correct behavior for Lucene and is not a bug.

You need to click on one of the search results in order for it to appear 
in the preview pane.

> Odd ... after the Index, the selected text changed from ISV to
> something else (KJV Strongs?). I had trouble reselecting ISV using the
> "Choose Module" widget ... had to close the Search dialog and reclick
> on Search to search ISV.

It looks like there is a bug here. If the module you want to search is 
hidden in the main window tabs, it shows up in the search treeview but 
cannot be selected. (Reported on the JIRA bug tracker as BCS-17.)

> Perhaps odd ... I started a search for "jesus lord christ" as "Phrase"
> using KJV+Strongs unindexed. Taking a long time (about 40 seconds), as
> expected because KJV-Strongs not yet indexed.
> Mid way through out of curiousity and bored impatience, I clicked on
> ISV on the left "Choose Module" TreeControl. The Search kept grinding
> and the progress bar advanced. At the end, the TitleBar showed 0
> matches from ISV. Odd. Bug?

Yes and no, I guess. You didn't search the ISV, you searched the KJV, so 
it found 0 results in the ISV. I don't know if we should attempt to 
correct/account for bad user behavior.

> Should the TreeControl for "Choose Module" be diabled? The "info" next
> to the "Create Index" shows "Not using Indexed Searching Framework for
> This Book", even though ISV has indices. (KJV-Strong's doesn't yet).
> Seems like some kind of "refresh" is left out.

I'm guessing this is on the same selection that happened mid-search.

> Verse on new line seems to be working fine. Thanks.
> Paragraphs? (sorry to ask)

Deselecting "Verse on New Line" reverts to Paragraph presentation. If we 
have no paragraphing information, it shows up as a single paragraph per 


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