[sword-devel] BibleCS 1.5.8pre3

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 12 07:10:08 MST 2005

I did some testing. Overall impression: Looks great, but the performance 
of building the index needs help. The
resultant size is significantly less.

Here is the results of the testing I did:
I first "disabled" Norton AntiVirus via the task bar.
1) I indexed KJV via Sword and it took just over 2 hours. In the lucene 
directory I counted as many as 125 files
and the content of the directory was constantly changing.
2) I indexed KJV via JSword and it took just over 25 minutes. There were 
never more than 15 files.
    (I am not reporting this to say JSword is any faster/better, as it 
does not index Strong's, which the KJV has.)

Both of these results seemed excessive. I then noticed that I have 
multiple users logged on my WinXP box.
I logged them off and then redid the JSword index and it took 10 minutes.
At this time I noticed that the performance was still bad and I saw that 
ciscv.exe was pegging the machine.
This is Windows Content Index Service.
And Norton AntiVirus was still running and taking 10-15% of the CPU on 

I then brought up the services console and whacked every service I could 
and I uninstalled Norton AV.
(I don't recommend doing either of these, except for isolated testing!)

I also right-clicked on C: in Windows Explorer, chose properties and 
unchecked the "Allow Indexing Service..."
and when it prompted me to do it recursively or not, I chose recursive.

I then re-ran the test.
JSword took 3 1/2 minutes, using a consistent 60% of the CPU, 60M footprint.
Sword took 6-7 minutes, using a consistent 40% of the CPU, 11M footprint.

To me both of these are acceptable times.

Upshot, the help that the performance of indexing needs is not in the 
application. It is in the environment.

I do wonder, if the number of open files could be reduced, would WinXP 
and Norton interfere less?

Now, time to reboot and reinstall AV.

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> Thanks for all the feedback again.
> Fixed GBFFootnotes filter which caused problems in ASV and others
> Fixed Start Each Verse On A New Line feature - it's located under 
> display preferences, the very first option.
> Changed CLucene indexing options to match those of JSword to see if we 
> can share indecies.  Thanks DM Smith for all the insight to the 
> better, non-default behaviour we now use!  Indexes are much smaller!
> Added a new lucene search parameter: strong
> You can now specify a searching using the strong: keyword. e.g.
> +God +love +world +strong:G123
> Jerry, we switched from SimpleAnalyzer to StandardAnalyzer, so maybe 
> the AND issue is fixed.  Let me know.  Also, if you still have 
> stability problems, please report them again.  I think I have them all 
> fixed.
> Bad news: you'll have to recreate your indexes.  But hopefully we're 
> slowing making it faster to create these.
> Thanks again for your time to test this stuff.  It's really 
> appeciated!  Keep the great feedback coming!
>     -Troy.
> http://crosswire.org/sword/ALPHAcckswwlkrfre22034820285912/alpha/sword-1.5.8pre3.zip 
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