[sword-devel] Re: New release and other languages

ingo7 ingo7 at wp.pl
Thu Feb 10 02:00:16 MST 2005

Could it be possible to add uilocales in polish?
Files are located at http://biblijna.strona.pl/sword/uilocales.pl.tar
(10 k; UTF8 for pl.conf)
Sorry for bothering you but I have no idea what is svn etc. so I can't
do it myself (if it is possible anyway).

In Christ,


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	With the latest rev of the engine, we have the option to switch
to UTF8 
for the .conf files.  We've done this in the latest windows build and so

all that shows up are UTF8 locales-- which I don't think we've shipped 
any yet with the windows product, so you only get the default.  All of 
our locales can be found in svn at:


I hope this helps.  There is an encoding tag in the .conf file to 
designate what encoding is being used.

I have not started experimenting with the i18n of the latest windows 
code yet.  Not sure how broken it's going to be with UTF8 data, but I 
suspect at least minor changes will be needed on my end.


PS. Who ever converted the sword locales.d native locales to UTF8, would

you mind repeating the process for the uilocales.d above?  I'd really 
appreciate it.  -T.

Adrian Korten wrote:
> g'day,
> Do the the UI conf files need to be changed? I went to preferences to
> change the language and only English US was available. How can I try 
> Thai or German? How can I change the th.conf to work with this new
> It is great that a new release cycle has started!!! May God speed the
> process.
> ak
> p.s. I'm resending this to the list because of problems with my mail
> server blocking many of these messages as spam.
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>  Hey guys.  Well, it's been over a year, but we finally have a Windows
> beta ready to start testing.  This isn't a final beta.  I hope to
> off much of the todo list, but it's a start:
> http://crosswire.org/sword/ALPHAcckswwlkrfre22034820285912/alpha/sword
> -1.5.8pre1.zip
> http://crosswire.org/ftpmirror/pub/sword/utils/win32/icudt28l.zip
>  May God remind you of His great Love He showed you, both on Calvary 
> and
> in every step of your life!
>  -Troy.
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