[sword-devel] Re: New release and other languages

Adrian Korten adrian_korten at sil.org
Wed Feb 9 20:36:18 MST 2005


Do the the UI conf files need to be changed? I went to preferences to 
change the language and only English US was available. How can I try 
Thai or German? How can I change the th.conf to work with this new release?

It is great that a new release cycle has started!!! May God speed the 


p.s. I'm resending this to the list because of problems with my mail 
server blocking many of these messages as spam.

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  Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 04:12:14 -0800

  Hey guys.  Well, it's been over a year, but we finally have a Windows 
beta ready to start testing.  This isn't a final beta.  I hope to clean 
off much of the todo list, but it's a start:



  May God remind you of His great Love He showed you, both on Calvary 
and in every step of your life!


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