[sword-devel] Windows beta 1.5.8pre1

Keith Ralston keith at kharis.biz
Tue Feb 8 21:19:20 MST 2005

No I just downloaded the two files and tried to run.  I don't have Sword
installed on this machine.  I will install 1.5.6 and try again.

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Keith Ralston wrote:
> I get the splash screen.  A UI tries to initialize and then dies.  It 
> creates a bookmarks folder.  Nothing else.  I am running Windows XP SP2 
> w/o anti-virus.  No entries in the Event logs for the OS.

Are you running it in your normal Sword directory?
And does the 1.5.6 binary (the release version) work correctly?
And did you copy the ICU DLL (icudt28l.dll) into the Sword directory also?

If the answers are all "yes", does it give any indication of the cause 
of the crash? (e.g. missing dll, null pointer dereference, etc.)


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