[sword-devel] Windows beta 1.5.8pre1

Keith Ralston keith at kharis.biz
Tue Feb 8 19:40:58 MST 2005

I get the splash screen.  A UI tries to initialize and then dies.  It
creates a bookmarks folder.  Nothing else.  I am running Windows XP SP2 w/o
anti-virus.  No entries in the Event logs for the OS.


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Hey guys.  Well, it's been over a year, but we finally have a Windows 

beta ready to start testing.  This isn't a final beta.  I hope to clean 

off much of the todo list, but it's a start:


built against 1.5.8pre SVN libs

new option to start verses on new line.

CLucene integration into searching (indecies take a long time to build)

   lucene query syntax at:




Be gentle, check the bug lists before reporting: http://crosswire.org/bugs


and have fun!





May God remind you of His great Love He showed you, both on Calvary and 

in every step of your life!






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