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Em Wed, 27 Apr 2005 09:57:28 -0300, DArio Matos escreveu:

> Got it. I guess he misunderstood something...


> AFAIK, PorAA module is based onto a "Almeida Atualizada" version of
> the portuguese bible translated by Joao Ferreira de Almeida

	AFAIK there's not such version of Almeida.

	In Brasil we do have from the João Ferreira de Almeida

* Revista e Corrigida and descendants:
** Corrigida Fiel
** Revisada
** Corrigida 1997
** Contemporânea

* Revista e Atualizada and derivatives:
** Atualizada 2a. edição

	But nothing that could be called simply 'Atualizada', not that
I know of.  And the text sure doesn't look like European Portuguese:
the Revista e Corrigida has always been more Brazilian, if more
archaic, than the Revista e Atualizada.

> but Leandro claims that it was just a "corrupted" version of JUERP's
> "Almeida revisada (de acordo com os melhores textos no hebraico e no
> grego)"...

	Yes, it has orthography errors, bad line endings, truncated

> Sincerely, I don't think so.

	Why not?  Other than the errors listed above, and further
described in an older post to this list, there are no differences at
all I could see.  And I do know the Revisada, using it since around
1987 or something the like.

> Joao Ferreira de Almeida was a portuguese pastor and
> missionaire at Southeast Asia, during the second half
> of XVII century. Born at Torres de Tavares, in
> Portugal, Almeida died in 1693 - at Batavia - nowadays
> Java, Indonesia. Even though his translation of the
> bible is not the only one to portuguese, several
> versions of it spawned over the centuries.

	Nice summary, but irrelevant.  Thank you any way.

	BTW, it was the only Protestant translation into Portuguese
until the Versão Brasileira of the 1930s or 1940s, but these somehow
never became popular, even if it was of higher quality than even the
Revistas (Atualizada and Corrigida) and more beautiful to boot.  Now
sinc the 1970s we have got several others, usually paralleling English
translations: Linguagem de Hoje, A Bíblia Viva, Nova Versão

> AFAIK, there's over 10 versions in print today, that
> claim to be "Almeida something"... So it's just wrong
> to think that a slightly different version of that
> text is a "corrupted" one.

	Please see my other post where I explain what are the errors
and how I compared.

> Nevertheless, if Leandro could grant us permission to
> distribute JUERP's versions of the portuguese
> bible,(that one above, the "Almeida Corrigida" one,
> and their newborn "Almeida Seculo XXI")

	AFAICS the Século XXI has only portions available until now.
I prefer to be modest and ask only for what we have already; if they
agree, I will ask for more.

	BTW, is there any reason to worry about the Revista e
Corrigida?  It is an old text, full of imperfections, and the only
people I know who use it are fanatics of the Textus Receptus who
regurgitate the KJV-onlyists half-baked arguments, or those who are
too old to get used to something else... might still do them some good
to have it, I just don't feel the effort worthwhile.  Perhaps its
second edition from 1997, which at least corrected the worse errors
and words which decidedly have changed senses...

> A curiosity: JUERP ans its editorial side the IBB
> (Imprensa Biblica Brasileira) belong to the Baptist
> convention

	Actually to the Convenção Batista Brasileira, the 'mainstream'
one -- more or less similar to the Southern Baptist Convention of the
US, including influences from Liberalism, freemasonry, creeping
hierarchisation, conservadorism for its own sake... in fact they are
usually a difficult lot to work with, and corruption in JUERP has
caused them to go bankrupt some ten years ago, what led the Revisada
to go into print now by licensees who don't even know how to bind
properly a book.

	BTW JUERP *is* the editorial arm of the Convenção.  IBB is
just the imprint they use for Bibles, so as to give it a larger appeal
than only Baptists of the Convenção... last time I counted there were
some six or seven baptist conventions or denominations in Brazil.

> while SBB (Sociedade Biblica do Brasil), that denied Crosswire to
> distribute its bibles (PorRA and PorRC modules) is supposedly
> multi-denominational...

	It is, but how is this relevant?

> It's very funny (in a bad
> sense) a society which purpose is to "bring God's word
> to the people" repeling  someone that was willing to
> help, just because of money...

	I'm not sure of that, do you have any information on their
motives?  I know for a fact that to be the problem with the Nova
Versão Internacional, even hindering the all too necessary revision of
it, but the Sociedade should be quite different from Zondervan.
Perhaps they are only worried about corruption of the text?

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