[sword-devel] R2L Text Runs

David dnr at crosswire.org
Wed Apr 27 22:57:27 MST 2005

When I was working on the NASB Hebrew lexicon I had a problem with space 
characters being rotated to the left of rtl text runs in BibleCS.
The result is that the term runs together with the first word of the 
definition. Which is a problem that I do not believe was ever fixed.

Now I am working on the parallel MS\LXX and I realized that I am going 
to have the same problem.

I found a unicode control character 0X200E that marks the beginning of a 
ltr text run. I am inserting at the end of a rtl run just before a space 
character that seperates the hebrew from the greek. I am generating a 
ThML file, and viewing it through ThML Viewer which uses like BibleCS 
uses RichEdit.
The rtl text is properly seperated from the ltr text.

Is it acceptable to insert these characters after rtl runs in the text?

The only other option (I see) would be wrap rtl text in a container and 
let the filters generate the character themselves.

Or is there some other way to handle this?


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