[sword-devel] Any info about C.R.O.S.S. ?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Apr 26 21:47:06 MST 2005

CROSS is the format developed by Epiphany for Bible Explorer 3.0+. 
Epiphany & WORDsearch (which was based on STEP) merged and, in the 
process, magically decided they no longer owed me money for work I did 
on a book for the former (yeah, I'm a little bitter). WORDsearch dropped 
STEP and went with Bible Explorer's codebase.

CROSS is just "compiled" (X)HTML. It's Unicode "compliant", at least to 
the extent that it can render Unicode. (They might still use some 
non-Unicode fonts, I don't remember; and it's been a while since I 
looked at their software. I know nothing about how well they handle 
non-Latin input/search.) It's not a bad system for rendering, per se, 
but it's also about as un-revolutionary as possible. Their renderer is 
MSIE, though they might do a little XML-magic to handle special tags 
within the engine. Nothing to see here, folks.

Proprietary? yes... well... except for the HTML part, but modules are 
binary and (I would hope) encrypted anyway

OSIS 'competitor'? hahahah. :) Aside from the not "Open" part :), CROSS 
(i.e HTML) is basically a presentation format. An OSIS to CROSS XSLT 
might be a smart thing for them to write at some point, but the purposes 
of OSIS and CROSS are orthogonal.


Lynn Allan wrote:
> Just curious about C.R.O.S.S.
> I got info about upgrading an older Epiphany Bible Explorer 2.0 with
> WORDSearch 7. Their ad mentioned CROSS as being XML and unicode
> compliant. Seems like it might be a replacement for the Step format.
> Proprietary? OSIS 'competitor'?
> C)hristian R)eference O)pen S)oftware S)tandard
> This was about all I could find:
> http://www.kirkbride.com/CROSS.html
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