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> Also, you mentioned you wanted to compress the module intl a zmod.  At
> the present time, locked (encrypted) modules can't be compressed, and
> you're going to want to lock the commentary module using the cipherraw
> utility.

It's not right that encrypted modules can't be compressed.
mod2zmod is the util to compress a module. The output of mod2zmod says:

usage: mod2zmod <modname> <datapath> [blockType [compressType [cipherKey]]]

datapath: the directory in which to write the zModule
blockType  : (default 4)
        2 - verses
        3 - chapters
        4 - books
compressType: (default 1):
        1 - LZSS
        2 - Zip

So the command to compress a rawtext, not encrypted module called "NETraw" 
into a compressed "NET" module is:

	mod2zmod NETraw modules/texts/ztext/net/ 4 2 cipherkey

This outputs the compressed module into the subfolder modules/texts/ztext of 
the working directory.
The config file of the compressed modules needs to contain


Replace cipherkey by the password for the locked module.

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