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Tom Whittemore tom_whittemore at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 25 00:53:01 MST 2005

Brother Troy:

Thanks for responding.  When the SWORD started,  it found the net.conf 
file in the newmods folder,  and moved it to the mods.d folder.

Since the AJKV works well,  I copied the AKJV ot, nt, ot.vss, and the 
nt.vss files into the NET \modules\texts\rawtext\ folder,  thus 
overwriting the four NET files.  Still didn't work.  So I edited the 
AKJV.conf file,  changed the two lines below and saved it as NET.conf,  
thus overwriting the NET.conf file.  Still didn't work!  I have the four 
AKJV files and the AJKV .conf file with only two lines changed,  and the 
NET Bible still shows no verses.  Am I missing something here?  This 
shouldn't be that hard.  If a plain,  vanilla Bible is this much 
trouble,  I shudder at the thought of a 60,000+ entry Commentary file 
with Greek, Hebrew, Transliterated and Unical fonts!


P.S.  You people on this site are so very knowledgable and computer 
language savvy that most of your "techie" talk is about as far above me 
as the 7th heaven!  (says he,  with a sheepish grin.  So,  please,  type 
a little slower so that I might keep up!)  I don't want to talk "age" 
here,  but in college all of our  (COBOL / RPG)  programs were entered 
via punched cards!  And my first job was on a NCR 310 computer with 4Kb 
of memory,  where all of the data and programs were stored on punched 
paper tape  (and it ran a data centre)!  I truly do appreciate all of 
your help.

P.P.S.  Brother Barry (Drake) responded and I sent him a small sample of 
the .imp file for him to peruse.

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> Tom,
>     Try placing the net.conf file in mods.d instead of newmods 
> (shouldn't matter).  Also, you can't change the nt or ot files.  The 
> nt.vss and ot.vss are indecies into exact character positions of the 
> nt and ot files.  If you remove a character, then everything will be 
> off by one.
>     Suggestion: copy the nt, ot, nt.vss, ot.vss files from some 
> working Bible into your net directory to see if your .conf file is 
> working correctly.
>     -Troy.


Agape Love, always!

Yours, in His Holy Name,


Tom W.



How happy is the one whose rebellious acts are forgiven, whose sin is 

How happy is the one whose wrongdoing the Lord does not punish, in whose 
spirit there is no deceit.


 - Psalms 32:1-2 (NET)



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