[sword-devel] How about the OT's standard versification at Sword ?

Wolfgang Schultz crosswire at zyanid.de
Sat Apr 23 02:17:08 MST 2005


due of many mails requests, here i post where you can find  more facts 
about Zefania XML:


Zefania XML Biblemoduls coud be found at:

maybe on could convert some of it to sword moduls. :-)

Projekt Homepage Zefania API just started


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have a nice day


Wolfgang Schultz schrieb:

> Dear C.N.R,
> Why html? - Try Zefania XML!!
> But our credo ALSO is, the versification has to stay as found in the 
> source and how it a native reader would expect. ;-) .
> A smart bible software should handle all tasks which are nessecary for 
> comperative reading. O:-)
> If you have trouble to  publish your  module, please send it  to 
> orphanedSwords[at] zyanid.de.
> We would be glad to publish them in the world of Zefania XML software, 
> but only when the versification is as in orginal source! 8-)
> greetings
> wolfgang

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