[sword-devel] New Accented Greek NT with Morph

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Fri Apr 22 01:34:35 MST 2005

>      If you have a chance, could you please spend some time trying this
> link with your browser and report your results and configuration AND
> ANYTHING YOU DO (with fonts or otherwise) that improves your viewing of
> the accented Bibles.


I tried this in Kate (based on QT 3, as Konqueror) and OpenOffice (based on 
libfreetype2). Both give similar results: Precomposed is perfect, decomposed 
displays ok (no boxes), but some accents are not visible or moved (such as 
the iota subscriptum, which is no real accent).

So I’d suggest to stay with the recommendation to use precomposed, and perhaps 
offer a filter to decompose (ICU) for people needing it, that could also be 
activated on the website.

Most important is using the right font. My recommendations: Gentium is good, 
but FreeFont (FreeSerif) is best.


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