[sword-devel] Information for beginning Windows BCB 6 Developers

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 14:33:44 MST 2005

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> Chris Little wrote:
>> Maybe we should take up a collection to buy Troy a copy of BCB6 so we 
>> can all move forward and abandon BCB5 as the supported platform. On 
>> the other hand, I think I can state accurately that BCB6 is going to 
>> be the last supported Borland C++ environment. I think BCBX is well 
>> and dead. So it might be best to move on and accept that Borland C++ 
>> is entirely dead. :)
> At the risk of breaking an NDA, I will only say that Chris is wrong. ;)

Borland is said to be moving to Eclipse. (see 
While it is not ready for primetime, an open source C/C++ IDE plugin is 
being developed in Eclipse.
I have not tested it but it is said to work with MinGW and Cygwin on 
Windows, which provide GNU compilers.

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