[sword-devel] osis2mod/sword - memory corruption problem within sword-api?

Krzysztof Bialas krzbia at ctm.gdynia.pl
Sun Apr 17 08:53:35 MST 2005

I hope You all will forgive me this Sunday afternoon possible bug report.

I'm still struggling with BCB6/Sword/osis2mod. I have a bit updated 
information that might help in solving the problem.
osis2mod in the main function  opens the source file and stores file 
descriptor in the 'fd' variable. Then the first line of the module is read 
(<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>). This line is then passed to the 
handletoken function. Now 'the magic' happens. Just getting there corrupts 
the contents of 'fd' variable setting it to '15160004' (in Your case it 
might me a different number, what is worth mentioning is that the number is 
the same each execution run).  It seems that corruption accurs somewhere in 
the token.c_str()function (while executing contructor of XMLTag(const char 
*tagString)). Unfortunatelly my BCB6 personal does not allow me to set data 
breakpoints, so it is really difficult for me to say where 'exactly' it 

Is this happening only to me? BCB6 problem? sword-api SVN 1779 problem?


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