[sword-devel] Verses not in sequential order - front-end problem

Krzysztof Bialas krzbia at ctm.gdynia.pl
Sat Apr 16 02:46:30 MST 2005

Thank You for very detailed explanation. Now I understand that without major redesign of verse handling such a thing won't be available. I don't know about the details, so right now I have to believe what Troy have said about the future support of alternative versifications.
As for milestoned verses I'll take a close look at my Bible module (not the test one) and see if it is really possible (the problem might be with lines & linegroups), and correct the module - one or two smart regexes might solve this problem :-)

Thank You again,
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  This is not a problem with BibleCS or BibleDesktop. It is the fundamental nature of how a module is constructed. For each module there is an index of the start and length of each verse. The index does not contain any reference to the verse. The program maintains a lookup table that given a verse, it constructs a lookup integer for the module's index. In the module the verses may be in any order (as long as the verses belonging to a "block" are in the block). The index sorts them out. 

  BibleDesktop gets the verses one at a time and assembles them in the "right" order. 

  You might figure that you can adjust the index to reflect the order that you desire, but it won't work as the module does *not* (for the vast majority of the cases, I think that WLC is the only exception so far) have the verse reference with the verse. If you store index Mat 17.3 in the Mat 17.6 slot, then a lookup for Mat 17.6 in BibleDesktop will get the text for Mat 17.3 and label it Mat 17.6. If all of Matt 17 is shown in BibleDesktop, the verses will display in the order you want, but the verse numbers will be wrong (unless they are stored as part of the verse in the module. 

  I took a look at your example and I don't know if it matters, but it has been posted here that using milestones for verses is a bad thing. As far as the sword module is concerned, each verse is a container. If you need milestones, I suggest that you pick verses as a container and use milestones for the other elements. Better yet, avoid them if you can. It will be a long while before a verse based system can handle them well. (When getting and rendering a single verse that contains a milestone, there is not much that can be done, if both the start and end milestone are not in the same verse.) And even if we had both the start and the end, it adds huge complexity to xslt to handle state changes (i.e. modes are a pain!) 

  Hope this helps, 

  Krzysztof Bialas wrote: 
    I've already investigated the problem on the osis-user group. The problem is 
    with the Biblie text in which there are places where the verses are not in 
    sequential order. The text looks like this: 
    /this is of course the example, Matt is ok :-)/ 
    After osis2mod conversion the verses order is preserved. In BibleCS and 
    BibleDesktop front-ends the verses are displayed back in the 'wrong' 
    sequential order. Is there a way to encode module in OSIS for sword so the 
    not-sequential verses order would be preserved? 

    P.S. I've updated the sample file http://panda.bg.univ.gda.pl/~krzbia/test.osis.xml to show this problem (Matt.17) 

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