[sword-devel] Logo proposal

Sven Vollbehr svollbehr at crosswire.org
Tue Apr 12 14:28:30 MST 2005

Hey all!

Here are some images that could be used in the new 1.5.8 CD for, say, 
splash-screens, installation images or web pages as "powered by" things. 
Of course they would need to be changed according to each purpose, but 
before going to that I'd like to know whether they get the public vote.

I've put ten images online at http://crosswire.org/~svollbehr/ and they 
all are of the same theme, but with different flavors, so pick your best 
bet and send it to me or to the list.

You are most welcome to add some comments, especially about what things 
you liked in the image and what not, or constructive criticism along.

God bless,

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