[sword-devel] Would like to introduce myself to QA Team

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Wed Apr 6 12:15:53 MST 2005

Dear Robin,

sounds to me like you are a Godsend.
We don`t have a QA team yet, but I have been hoping for one for a long time 

We do have some test programs / a small test suite that performs basic checks 
of the API/Lib, but this is just a beginning. You find it in sword’s SVN 
repository under tests/.

If you could be the start of a QA group within crosswire, that would be great. 
This is my personal opinion, though. Is that what you planned to do?


Am Mittwoch, 6. April 2005 06:24 schrieb RLRANDALLX at aol.com:
> Dear Brothers (& Sisters) in Christ,
> Let me introduce myself.  My name is Robin Randall and my resume is
> attached. I have a keen interest in what you are doing since I started a
> similar project in 1979. I had no resources then, so I didn't get that far,
> but  well understand all the issues you bring up since I have dealt with
> many of them myself. I was able to get the KJV, the Living NT, and the
> Greek TR on disk  with verses in sync (hard to do since LNT is
> paraphrased.) My C program had  verse lookup, boolean searches and Jesus'
> words in red. It could do a raw search  on the whole Bible in less than a
> minute (not bad for back then.)
> I have been out of a software job since "9/11" and finally things are
> beginning to look positive on the job market.  I'm hoping some work on an 
> Open Source project will help me get hired. My specialty is Software
> Quality  Assurance and I would like to get in touch with your QA team.  I
> would like  to know how it is organized and how I can contribute to the
> Sword Project.
> Below is my contact info in case anyone wants to call or write me.
> May God richly bless this project,
> In His Grace,
> Robin
> (P.S. My wife  is Monica and I have four sons, Philip-17, Paul-15, Luke-14
> and  Timothy-11.)
> Phone:  650-948-8037
> Fax: 650-948-9337
> Cell: 650-518-0025
> E-mail: RLRandallX at aol.com

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