[sword-devel] How about the OT's versification?

C. N. R. biblology at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 5 10:36:20 MST 2005

Chris Little wrote, about the use of KJV versification:

> I don't know where you got that idea, but it is entirely wrong. It's
> difficult to argue that the purpose behind Sword was comparative 
> when you consider that parallel Bibles have only been supported since
> roughly the time when the 1.5.6 frontends came out.

And since that time, all users have thought of Sword as a system whose main (and considerable) advantage was that it provided comparative reading.

> Furthermore, the KJV versification is ABSOLUTELY NOT
> the standard--international or otherwise.

But it *is* the system used in the index that accesses all the modules. And in modules where the numbering differs from that of the KJV, it is the KJV numbering is given first, and the version's original numbering is given afterwards in brackets. Since both the LXX and the Vulgate have a single Psalm 9 where the KJV has Pss 9 and 10, this double numbering has to be sustained throughout the remaining 141 psalms.

OK, this system is not the neatest that could be imagined, and it would be very nice to have an index that led you to the same verse in each version and gave you that version's native numbering. But the present system is the only one available, and it is easy to understand and use; and since you are actually using it yourselves, I can't understand why you seem to be so
against it.

When someone does write this useful facility for accessing alternative verses, all the affected modules are going to have to be altered anyway. If I am spared, I will be happy to provide a version of my own module with the original numbering, and I am sure you will not lack willing help with the other versions. Until then, there is no point in doing so, because it won't work as a Sword module.

Chris Little also wrote:

> I would prefer that we simply be given links to source material so that
> someone from CrossWire can work on the modules themselves.
> I believe it is less likely that they will editorialize as they do markup &
> conversion.

Oh, please. What kind of people do you think we are?

I think I speak for all suppliers of modules with non-KJV versification when I say that we are now thoroughly confused and don't know what to do.

In the service of the Lord,
Catalin N. Ravaru

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