[sword-devel] update on Development packages

Pastor Ed B. pastored at comcast.net
Tue Apr 5 07:00:28 MST 2005

Hello, everyone! Greetings in Jesus' mighty name!

Let me quickly clarify what I meant about point number 1 in my last email:

>1) there are a LOT of extra packages from Knoppix in IchthuX that just don't 
>really need to be there to meet our stated outreach goals. Looking at the 
>overloaded KDE menu just makes me feel bloated. 

>Can we *please* get rid of the development packages...

I do not mean that would should get rid of the debian-build environment. End 
users should still be able to compile their own programs if they so desire.

What I *do* think we should get rid of is the PROGRAMMING development 
packages, the programs that show up under the Kmenu > Development 
subdirectory. A Christian distro used for outreach simply does not need the 
extra weight of 6 or 7 different programming environments. It's THOSE 
programs I am advocating that we delete from IchthuX.

God's best blessings to you all today!

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