[sword-devel] Re: Christian Debian distro talk / Report

Nigel Chapman nigel at chapman.id.au
Tue Apr 5 05:16:02 MST 2005

Pastor Ed B. wrote:

>Can we *please* get rid of the development packages, the unnecessary editors 
>(5 editors? how about just down to Kedit, Kate, and a text editor (I prefer 
>nano over zile, easier for a newbie to use, but it doesn't matter THAT much - 
>most newbies don't do console editing anyway).
Console editing matters for developers, however, which we /definitely/ 
want to attract. So a good choice of editors (Kate, Vim, Emacs) is 
essential. It means the disk can be used to extend future versions of 
itself. Text editors don't take up much space, anyway, and needn't be 
linked in menu's.



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