[sword-devel] Re: Christian Debian distro talk / Report

Don Parris evangelinux at matheteuo.org
Mon Apr 4 22:31:56 MST 2005

On Mon, 4 Apr 2005 19:24:42 -0700
"Pastor Ed B." <pastored at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hello, everyone! Greetings in Jesus' mighty name!
> I've been talking with Dave (my partner in the iXthus Project
> development), and we have some thoughts about IchthuX, and what could be
> done to streamline the project.
> 1) there are a LOT of extra packages from Knoppix in IchthuX that just
> don't really need to be there to meet our stated outreach goals. Looking
> at the overloaded KDE menu just makes me feel bloated. 

Just out of curiosity, would there be any interest in adding the original
Penguin in the Pew to /usr/share/docs/?  It is relevant, and might actually
get read by someone.  Because it's under the FDL, it could be modified to
include a note about its inclusion in the distro.  If I can complete the
revision before y'all get the distro out, I'll consider contributing it to
the cause. Just a thought.

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