[sword-devel] How about the OT"s versification?

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Mon Apr 4 12:35:58 MST 2005

> Alt. versification functionality includes a mapping mechanism to
> Bibles of different versification schemas.  This is one of the
> parts, as alt. versification basic functionality was originally part
> the engine, but removed for performance gains-- and Daniel Glassey
> submitted yet another implementation of such.

Perhaps the following has been considered and rejected ... too
simplistic or unworkable ...

My understanding of versification (v11n?) is that KJV has a specific
number of book (66). Each book has a known number of chapters (50 in
Genesis), and each of the 1300 or so chapters has a known number of
verses (Gen 1 has 31 verses).

This is all reflected in structures in canon.h, specifically a "bunch
of numbers" in sbook and vm.

Would it be possible to define alternative sbook's and vm's, and then
have information in a module's .conf file as to which sbook+vm

Seems like this approach might work for Bible texts, but I'm not
particularly familiar with how non-Biblical texts like commentaries

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