[sword-devel] Newbie

Wade Maxfield maxfield at ctelcom.net
Mon Apr 4 09:07:33 MST 2005

  I signed up yesterday to the mailing list.

  I am trying to download the code using SVN. That went ok.  It put stuff 
in a "src" subdirectory, which was already in a src subdirctory due to 
your web page directions.

  I tried to download biblecs, and I got a directory named "Trunk", not 
biblecs.  I tried to run cbuilder 6 on the project and got several error 

  I went through the mailing list and did not find anything that I could 
get hold onto to let me know what directories needed to be where.

  Can someone help?

  I'm working on a project that requires some importation of some public 
domain bibles into a database, and your project api  appears to fill the 
bill.  I'm very comfortable with BCB 6 and kylix.  (Is there a kylix 


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