[sword-devel] Re: Christian Debian distro talk / Report

Pastor Ed B. pastored at comcast.net
Fri Apr 1 22:39:16 MST 2005

This is a repost of an email that I *intended* everyone to get, but only got 
sent to one person...

Good morning (where I am), everyone! A few things:

1) about the time of the meeting: it is only WEDNESDAYS that I have the 
standing appointment at noon my time. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday are all much 
better days. My schedule is pretty flexible with the exception of 
Wednesdays... so let me know what works best for most of you. I think between 
irc chats and email we should be able to make this thing work.

2) about the name of the combined project: 
> We're obviously going to need a logo for this ICHTHUX thing (which I
> humbly suggest is the best title of those thus far mooted, in regard to
> fishiness, for instant recognition amongst Christians, and
> web-uniqueness, for domain name availability and search engine results).

I have no problem changing the name of the iXthus Project to IchthuX. Raphink 
was wise to do a domain search for iXthus, and found that it has already been 
taken. I was planning on hosting it under another name, but I realize that 
could have been confusing. So, IchthuX is probably better in the long run.

> 1. It has to focus on the 'fish'; that's what signals to Christians the
> nature of the project.

I already have designed a nice logo that would work well. It is based off the 
internet symbol / term   <><

> 2. But it has to avoid the 'standard', horizontal, 2 dimensional, rather
> static, Christian fish of bumper-sticker fame -- rather it needs to
> communicate something living and vibrant.

I agree. The fish part should be something that stands out while keeping it´s 
¨fishy¨ roots. I´ve attached a file to show you just the logo part without 
the brand name:

> I've attached a photo of a sketch of one possible idea. I'm not going to
> explain it at this point, since if logos need to be explained, then
> they've already failed.

I like that graphic, too. The swoop of the hook is very nice indeed. I think 
it *might* get us in trouble with the Nike people, however...

So... I´m all for changing to IchthuX. That just means that I have a good bit 
of search & replace to do in my documentation... 
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