[sword-devel] Please Tell Me if I am doing this Module Right

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu May 27 22:29:06 MST 2004

Hi John,

john marchant wrote:

> I went to the OSIS site and downloaded the OSIS Robinson's Word Pictures 
> in .xml format.  I then used xml2gbs -fO rwp.xml to convert it to these 
> files:
> rwp.idx 29k
> rwp.bdt 9512k
> rwp.dat 303k

xml2gbs converts OSIS & ThML documents to GenBook modules.  The above 
are all GenBook module files.

> It shows up in the installed modules and I get a tab.  But no text shows 
> up for a verse selection.  Others populate, MHC, for example, which is 
> where I took the .conf file below, modifying it for my needs.

A tab will show up if you have a .conf file that indicates a module 
exists, regardless of whether it actually does.  The .conf file you have 
below is for a commentary module (not a GenBook module), so Sword is 
looking for a different bunch of files from what you have in the 
directory.  You should pick one of the GenBook modules (e.g. 
SummaTheologica or Josephus) as the basis for your .conf file.

> Incidentally, I may need to try another module, because the RWP that 
> came with the starter pack doesn' t show a verse either.
> DataPath=./modules/comments/Johnny/
> ModDrv=zCom
> BlockType=CHAPTER
> CompressType=ZIP
> SourceType=OSIS
> Lang=en
> Encoding=UTF-8
> MinimumVersion=1.5.2
> Description=Johnny's
> SwordVersionDate=2004-05-27
> Version=1.6
> History_1.6=heading corrections, linking corrections
> History_1.5=corrected encoding value
> History_1.4=Fixed numerous malformed XML problems
> History_1.3=Fixed linked verses in compressed module
> History_1.2=Changed to compressed module
> History_1.1=Updated to complete MHC text now available on CCEL and 
> swapped module names with
> concise edition
> About=Johnny's First
> TextSource=http://localhost/
> LCSH=Bible--Commentaries.
> DistributionLicense=Public Domain
> Thanks, just trying to make this premade .xml file work before I try and 
> encode my own.  Thank you again.
> WinXP Pro.
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