[sword-devel] NASB Online Bible Translation and Online Bible Conversion

john marchant luthershinge at yahoo.com
Thu May 27 14:55:04 MST 2004

I know Sword does not have NASB, but I saw a tool to convert Online Bible stuff to Sword.  So, why not just by the NASB, NKJV, etc. for OLB and then just convert it to Sword?  Does Lockman, etc. or other copyright people care what I do with the translation that I own as long as I don't sell or distribute it? The only inconvenience would be going to another site and doing the conversion.  Sure, it is an extra step and not one that lends to ease in using your system, but for now, it might work find.
If people wanted, the could buy an OLB translation and have it converted on the fly by your website (the whole transaction at the at point would be done online).  Or, they could just download it and convert it.
Respectfully, Thanks.

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