[sword-devel] Do yoe need this BiblePresenter?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri May 7 11:36:07 MST 2004


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Wolfgang Schultz wrote:

> BiblePresenter is a small programm that allows you to project bible
> verses e.g. in your community via a projector. It can load and present
> multiple bible editions, as long as those are available in Zefania-XML
> format. These bibles are not part of this distribution and they need
> to be downloaded separately from the Zefania Sourceforge Homepage.
> The BiblePresenter user interface can be configured to be German or
> English. However, bibles of any language can be displayed!
> http://www.rueth.info/software/biblepresenter/
> Have fun!
> wolfgang
> http://www.zefania.de
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