[sword-devel] Forwarding sword-support emails to sword-devel

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu May 6 23:38:58 MST 2004

I've seen a lot of different individuals forward emails from sword-support 
to sword-devel in the past and just wanted to say: Please don't.  (Ever.)

Sword-support happens to be set up as a mailing list, but it is where all 
inquiries directed to Sword/CrossWire end up.  It is not archived 
publicly in order to protect the privacy of individuals who write to 

Sword-devel IS archived publicly.  When you forward private emails from 
sword-support to sword-devel, you end up publishing people's private 
details (name, email address, not to mention sometimes the contents of the 
message) without having received their permission to do so and by 
violating the trust we generally have in organizations not to go around 
publishing our private information.

As a completely separate detail, everyone on sword-support is also on 
sword-devel.  (So don't bother cross-posting to the two.)  And everyone 
who you might consider part of the leadership of Sword is on 
sword-support.  If a question is posted to sword-support, there are three 
possibilities: 1) someone subscribed to the list knows the answer, 2) no 
one knows the answer, or 3) it was not related to Sword.

If you feel a question really needs to be answered but don't know the 
answer yourself, I guess you can email a reminder to sword-support or 
(better yet) directly to the individual who you think is capable of 



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