[sword-devel] NASB Lexicons

David dnr at cscholar.com
Tue Jul 20 18:21:41 MST 2004

The only remaining problems with the NASB is to have someone more qualified than
myself to examine the conversions from the Hebrew, and Greek fonts to unicode.
There 79 characters used in the Greek lexicon, and 88 used in the Hebrew. Many
of those are alphabetic, or are very distinct in appearance and easily checked.
In some cases there are multiple characters with very close to the same
appearance. This is what mainly needs to be checked.

Other than that I believe that all problems with the lexicons have been handled.

There some problems that could not be fixed. There is a precomposed character in
the original font (74) Final Kaf with a character that appears something like
Sheva, except aligns within Final Kaf instead of below, the character does not
exist in the unicode specification alone, or precomposed with Final Kaf. Instead
of deleting the character I replaced it with Sof Pasuq, it probably will not
make much difference to people that can't read Hebrew, and people who do will
probably realize there is a problem, and since Sof Pasuq appears similar to the
missing character it may help them realize what the problem is.

The multiple entries for a number have been handled by keeping them in one
entry, and adding seperate entries for each subentry. As Troy, and Chris both
suggested. Although I am not sure if there was any final decision on it.




If anyone has any ideas of how to handle the Final Kaf problem in a better way,
or wants to check the conversion routines let me know.


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