[sword-devel] greek accents under windows - does it work?

Ingo ingo7 at wp.pl
Mon Jul 19 14:45:52 MST 2004

W liscie z pon, 19-07-2004, godz. 22:56, Martin Gruner pisze: 
> How about the copyright status?
> > there is NA26-UBS3 greek New Tetament module at
> > http://acn.waw.pl/biblia/sword/downloads/na26-ubs3.raw.zip , prepared by
> > Richard Horlings ( or /na26-ubs3.zip with windows installer).


this module has been prepared according to the statement put on the page
of Biola University
http://unbound.biola.edu/index.cfm?fuseaction=versions&lang=English :

"This text is only available for NON-COMMERCIAL personal/scholarly and
educational use".

Text is same. Only the form is different. Text has been used acc. to the
above statement "for educational use", by private christians. 
I put in on my private, non-profit Bible page.
I put it on the page which tries to encourage the use of free Bible
soft, to learn this soft and to develop it; this page is referrenced to
as the "educational resource" by some polish (european, I should say:)
teachers asscociations. 
I have repeated this statement on the download page in polish
(underlying that only non-commercial use is allowed and that IMHO the
best way to use this module - is to use it during the private study of
greek texts in the Bible college/university) + I've encouraged the user
to buy the NA27/UBS4 printed edition. 

I shall check the conf. file to be sure that the same message appears in
english during the module installation ("newmods" folder instead
"mods.d"), and I'll add the txt file with this statement & some

I have published here on this forum the module location because, in my
opinion, this forum belongs to the CrossWire - the educational,
non-profit organization (see mission statement) - and people reading
this forum share CrossWire's mission. 


If You think that it's not sufficient please let me know. "Copyright
problems" - this would sound not OK. According to my lawyer the module
complies with european copyright regulations, but I think it's better to
think globally:)))

(in general, this would be my "defense line" in case of problems)

In Christ,

Wojciech Bartminski

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