[sword-devel] Different formatting and numbering

Adrian Korten adrian_korten at sil.org
Thu Jul 8 06:09:01 MST 2004

Good day,

I have been preparing some Bible texts for some minority groups in this 
area. There are two unique things that I'm not sure how to handle or 
that Sword cannot bend to do.

One is a formatting thing. One version has a very distinctive Thai 
poetry format. For instance poetry is placed in two columns; the first 
couplet on the left and the second couplet on the right. There are a 
couple of other smaller things where it doesn't seem like there is 
flexibility in formatting outside the program's designed format.

Two is a verse numbering thing. Both of these versions like to use verse 
ranges instead of single verse numbers (occasionally or regularly). For 
example, a paragraph will be labelled v6-9 or even v3-4a and v4b-7.

I think that there is not much to be done about these two cases. I 
wanted to let you know; perhaps it will give you a little something else 
to think of in the design stage. If someone does have a suggestion, 
please let me know.


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