[sword-devel] CD distribution improvement

William Thimbleby wjt100 at york.ac.uk
Sat Jul 10 19:15:13 MST 2004

Many people seem to complain about cd distribution. I realise it is all 
done by volunteers at the moment (thanks).  I was just sitting thinking 
about ways we could improve it.

I think it might be worthwhile offloading the job of distribution to 
somewhere like http://www.swiftcd.com/ who could do the same job. The 
disadvantage is that users will be charged for a bit more money (about 
$4), but I think that for most this would still be a small payment. The 
advantages are many, it removes the burden from the sword project, we 
don't have to deal in money, the cds can be nicely labelled and could 
come with an insert with instructions, international shipping is easily 
handled, payment can be handled over the web or in other ways, and 
users will get their cds in a timely way.

These are only preliminary thoughts, what do you think?

regards --Will

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