[sword-devel] Missing books - faithful translations?

JPKlingon at aol.com JPKlingon at aol.com
Wed Apr 28 12:32:51 MST 2004

FWIW, I have GBF versions of the Douay, Vulgate and KJV that include all the books, (i.e. the Deutero-Canonical, AKA "Apocryphal").   My webpages http://Bible.MrKlingon.org or http://Douay.MrKlingon.org have them.  I confess that the versification might be a bit off (Uh, the books might be off; there is some variation in nomenclature).  

I've also got some simple GBF Bible reader tools there too, or you can use the webforms on the pages.  
(hmm there seems to be a bug in some of the webforms; It doesn't parse the Deutercanon titles - I think KJV works okay.)
I'm confess that I'm kind of proud of the Vulgate web lookup because I have it link to a Latin parsing program for translations.

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