[sword-devel] LcdBible ver 1.20h available with enhanced SearchResults

Lynn Allan sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed Apr 21 17:11:43 MST 2004

Hi sword-devel'opers,

There is YALR (Yet Another LcdBible Release) ver 1.20h at:

The changes from 1.13g:
* SearchResults shown on main window in List as quasi-TabbedPropertyPage
shared with BookChapTree
* Complete verse shown as ToolTip when "hover" over SearchResult match
* Can GoTo the Book/Chapter of a SearchResult match directly, with selected
verse highlighted in reverse video

If you already have [sword-dir]\modules\texts\rawtext\web loaded (including
files ot, ot.vss, nt, and nt.vss), you can just download the revised
This smaller 70kb download does not include the public domain World English
Bible (and may not work with Win95).

Feedback appreciated, especially problems/suggestions/"Biblical rebukes for
iron sharpens iron" (prefer offline to not clutter up this list more that is
already the case)

Thanks to David (RDN12345@aol.com) and Costas for their help on implementing
these features.

* "Road-map" of envisioned enhancements
- Implement Context sensitive help
- Write tutorial
- Detects availablility of KJV and/or BBE and enables option to switch
- Internationalization for Spanish, French, German, Polish, etc., including
"Options ..." dialog wordage
- Integrate InVerse Scripture memorization freeware
- Fix so Ctrl-C and other Clipboard functions work
- Modeless search options dialog
- Option for 4th/larger font for TextViewer
- "Smart packager" webpage
- Use RichText or HTML viewer rather than multiline CEdit
- Integrate simple "Dictionary" capability

Lynn A.

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