[sword-devel] drm

Ryan V sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed Apr 21 04:22:39 MST 2004


> As the sword project currently is - unless I create
> my own sword modules
> (which I might do - it can't be *that* hard to write
> a script that can
> parse a chapter from biblegateway.org into a module)
> the only way for me
> to use these texts is to use a different project,
> which presently would
> require the use of wine (or booting into that OS I
> really don't like)
> Right now - the only way honest people can use such
> bible texts in sword
> is if they create them themselves, and I think this
> does hinder the
> widespread adoption of the project.


Both the NASB and AMP can be downloaded from the
publisher for free. Sure, its a windows program, so
you will have to use something like WINE in order to
get access to the text. 

Once its installed though, the full text of these
bibles is in a single plain text file. From there is
rather trivial to generate a sword module. (thats how
I made my NASB and AMP modules for Sword.)


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