[sword-devel] Other religions?

Mete Kural sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 17 Apr 2004 20:16:50 -0700 (PDT)

Hello Chris,

I read that you are using a term "driver" such as
Bible drivers, GenBook drivers. Are drivers modular
application components that you can plug in to Sword
to enable it to display books in a specialized manner?
For example Bible drivers for displaying the Bible and
GenBook drivers to display general books.

If that is the case is it possible to design Sword in
such a way that one can develop his/her own driver and
plug it in to Sword. For example Sword could come with
Bible and GenBook drivers by default. And then someone
could develop a Quran driver if they wished to and
plug it in to Sword. The Quran driver could simply be
a driver that extends the GenBook. Would it be
possible to write more specialized drivers that extend
the Quran driver.
> The BibleCS interface to GenBooks is poor and should
> be fixed.  Making it 
> similar to the Bible interface is one option.

Yes, it would be great if the BibleCS interface to
GenBooks would be changed to be similar to the Bible
> There are plenty of books that are not really
> considered part of the Bible
> today that we SHOULD present in the context of a
> Bible and using the Bible
> drivers because they were historically part of the
> Bible or part of
> historical Bibles.  (I have in mind things like
> Laodiceans in the Vulgate,
> Odes in the LXX, and Hermas in Codex Sinaiticus.)  I
> think Daniel's work 
> will accommodate this sort of addition or make it
> much simpler, at least.

Yes there are also other books such as the Book of
Sirach that is generally not accepted by Protestant
denominations but has always been accepted by the
Catholic Church. There is also two other Gospels
recently discovered through archialogical efforts:
Gospel of James and Gospel of Barnabas. These books
are not part of the mainstream canonized Bible but
they are accepted by certain denominations. Such
extra-biblical books such as the Book of Sirach,
Gospel of James, Gospel of Barnabas, and the Quran,
nonetheless, have structure exactly the same as any
book of the Bible. Therefore it makes a lot of sense
to be able to view such books using an interface
similar to the Bible interface. How can this be

Thanks and God bless,