[sword-devel] Windows CE: application layout

Johan Gorter sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 17 Apr 2004 20:57:55 +0200

Hello Troy and other people interested in the windows CE application,

I have completed the search gui. The simple application has all the
desired functionality now. It is now very easy to add pages to the
'normal' application to accommodate the extra features.

Some code may still need some cleaning up, but I am glad I got this

In Him,


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Johan Gorter wrote:
> Hello Troy and other people interested in the windows CE version,
> I successfully made the second gui to the windows CE version. There is

> a new project added to the workspace which generates a simple gui for 
> just reading a bible. The original project generates a gui which we 
> can extend further.

Cool.  Next week is spring break from school, so I should have some time

to try it out then.

> I already added a page which can contain a second translation for 
> instance. I also left instructions in the abstract NavPage class on 
> how to make a new page. I abbreviated the menu-descriptions, but I 
> think that we should use icons here.

I agree intuitive icons would be really good.  They are more useful to 
non-english speakers, as well.

> The next step I think is to come up with which pages should be added 
> to contain all the sword functionality. Any suggestions here? If a 
> user wants to read a book next to the bible, or read the same text in 
> two translations, he should be able to switch between them using just 
> one 'click'.

What I would like:

A lexicon/dictionary page:
[Text Box]
[ html   ]
[        ]
[        ]

A search page:
Search String:
[Text Box]
[] option1 [] option2
[] option3 [] option4
[drop down  v]
[=== progress% ===]

A verse list with preview page:
[        ]
[ html   ]
[List    ]
[Box     ]
[        ]

A GenBook Index Page
[        ]
[Tree    ]
[        ]
[        ]
[        ]

> There are some minor issues to address as well:
> - When a new testament is opened, I get three error messages 
> complaining that error 32 occurs (The process cannot access the file 
> because it is being used by another process.) for every file used by 
> the testament. After clicking these away, the program works fine. I 
> think that these files maybe get opened twice or something.

Yeah, I've seen this, as well.  I'll keep my eyes open.  We should also 
call module.flush() before changing modules.  SWModule implements the 
SWCacher interface and may keep things like decompressed chunks of text 
in memory.  When memory is limited, we can keep the usage down by 
calling SWCacher::flush()

> - When compiling the dll, I get an error in 'osisref'. I used some 
> creativity to make it compile again, but I do not know if what I did 
> was correct. Also two annoying warnings occur in SWBuf, which I fixed.

> I did not check this in, but I can send the patches. By the way, what 
> are the differences between a SWBuf and a std::string? I could not 
> come up with any.

I'll try to look at the error when I try compiling next.  SWBuf is a 
replacement for std::string.  I'm glad you didn't find any differences 
:)  There are quite a few, but we have the most common functionality 
implemented.  It's a non-template impl and cuts our engine size down 
about 30% on most platforms.  We also had a contest to optimize it and 
our speed tests now bring it in faster than the impls of std::string 
that I've tried.

> Troy, can you put the files you used to have greek, hebrew and a 
> lexicon into a zip file (and maybe add instructions like in our first 
> zipfile)? That should make it much easier for me to understand what 
> the application should do.

My SD Card setup is tarred up at:


When these books are available, go to John 1:1, select Byz module 
(greek), and then turn on Morphological Tags.  It's fairly slow 
rendering with all the links.  Click on a link and you should see the 
morph data explained in a popup.  You can also turn on Strong's Numbers 
option.  Then when you click on a number, you should get a popup with 
the definition of the word that immediately preceeds the number.

Hebrew doesn't display right for me.  BHS is the Hebrew module in that 
tarball.  I get a bunch of boxes [].  I don't know if it's a font issue 
or a UTF16 encoding issue.  We could use your debug file output for the 
html control and take the file and try to open it in Netscape or IE and 
select UTF-16 manually from the browser menu: View | Character Encoding

Ugh, Netscape 7.1 has many options, but I only see UTF-8 and UTF-7 
unicode encodings... Maybe IE has the option.

Thanks for the work Johan!  Looking forward to getting back into this 
project soon.  In Him,

> In Him,
> Johan
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