[sword-devel] question about WAP online Bibles...

Nic Carter sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 16 Apr 2004 16:58:19 +0800

Cool, looks neat.  But I can't figure out how to use the keyword search 
or to clear the fields on my Sony Erricson T630.  :(  Oh, and could 
there be a submit button in the form?

I've been trying to get an emulator to work on my mac, but I'm having 
no luck, so gave up and just used my phone.  :)

But it looks pretty good, and contains basically all I was interested 
in seeing.  It's funny, but it doesn't contain much but still seems 
much better than the other WAP bibles I've found on the web!  :)

	nic...  :)

On 16 Apr 04, at 4:42 PM, Andy Piper wrote:

> Mark Morley wrote:
>> Ok, check out 'wapSWORD' at http://christian.net/wapsword/
>> Obviously you need to access that with a WAP browser for it
> to
>> work...  either a real WAP device or an emulator (a good one
> is
>> available for free at openwave.com)
> Works beautifully with my Nokia 7650.
>> Source consists of one really simple 119 line PHP file that
>> talks to my swordd server.
> Is this, and the swordd, available for download? I'd quite like
> to run a copy locally.
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