[sword-devel] Other religions?

Mete Kural sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 15 Apr 2004 21:06:44 -0700 (PDT)

Hello David,

First of all I thank you for your detailed email.
Please find my comments and questions inline below.
> A parallel bible display and a general book. notice
> that the bible display is 
> slightly more powerful and also notice that since
> the interface is a MDI you 
> can arrange the windows however you want (and have
> bibles open in multiple 
> windows if you so desire)

I really like Bibletime's interface although my main
usage will be on Windows. Is the most advanced
front-end for SWORD on the Windows platform "Sword
Project for Windows"? I also saw a Java version called
JSword which should work on both Windows and linux.
Howw powerful is the interface of JSword?
> Well first off, general books are supported
> differently than the bibles. Their 
> keys are almost always going to be different so this
> is going to make 
> displaying them in parallel a gread deal harder.

Yes general books are more arbitrary in structure than
the Bible books. But as for the Quran, the structure
is very simple. It is the same structure as a book of
the Bible: Chapters are titled "Chapter 1", "Chapter
2" and so on, and in each chapter verses are numbered
1,2,3, and so on. So it is really the same structure
as many of the books of the bible such as Genesis,
Exodus, Jonah and most other books of the Bible. The
structure of the Quran fits the Bible display in the
Sword Project for Windows perfectly. Would it be
possible to add the Quran to the dropdown list that
also shows the books of the Bible. For example Quran
could be added after Revelation of John and then
viewed in the same way that the books of the Bible are
viewed. Would it be possible to do this without making
a change in the software?

Thank you and God bless,