[sword-devel] question about WAP online Bibles...

Nic Carter sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 15 Apr 2004 22:31:00 +0800

I was mainly thinking of just having a Bible search function (eg: you 
enter "john 3:16" and it returns "for God ..."; or enter "john 3" for 
similar results) and a word search (eg: enter "For Loved God World Son" 
and it would return "john 3:16" as well as the text "for God ...")

haven't really thought anything more than that atm, but it would be 
good to be able to select your Bible translation, and also be able to 
select a commentary to instead look up a verse in...  :)

I'd be interested in having a look at whatever you come up with for 
WAP...  :)  could be very cool, but I'm not sure how functional it 
would be for serious Bible study!  ;)

	nic...  :)

On 15 Apr 04, at 9:07 AM, Mark Morley wrote:

>> With the recent postings about another online Bible server (swordd)
>> and
>> The Bible Tool also being written, I got to thinking about accessing
>> the Bible online with my mobile phone (WAP, I guess).  does anyone
>> know
>> of any existing services for this?  If not, the current development
>> with swordd might be very interesting for me...  :)
> I was thinking about making a WAP interface to swordd when I'm done
> with webSWORD.  Wouldn't take more than a few hours I think (mostly
> 'cause I've done WAP apps before and I can re-use a lot of code).
> What kind of features would you like?
> Mark
> mark@christian.net
> http://christian.net/websword/
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