[sword-devel] question about WAP online Bibles...

Nic Carter sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 12 Apr 2004 14:51:05 +0800

Hi there team.  :)

With the recent postings about another online Bible server (swordd) and 
The Bible Tool also being written, I got to thinking about accessing 
the Bible online with my mobile phone (WAP, I guess).  does anyone know 
of any existing services for this?  If not, the current development 
with swordd might be very interesting for me...  :)

If you wanna know why I'm interested, read the bottom of this email...  

Thanks, ybic
	nic...  :)

ps: just before doing this, I had a bit more of a look, and it seems 
that there are a couple of WAP versions of the bible out there, but 
they don't seem all that great, with the best I can find being 
wap.mobible.org (check out www.mobible.org), and they're open source 
(yay for OS!), available via Sourceforge 
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/mobible/).  I'm interested in looking 
into this more, but I've really gotta dash right now, but I'm 
interested in what others think here...  :)  perhaps mobible frontend 
(modified, with their permission), with the power of something like 
swordd as the backend...  :)  tell me if I'm dreaming...  :)

So, WHY?
Well, was on a short hike 3 weeks ago when I got to the top of a hill 
(well, I think it's called a mountain here in Hong Kong, but it's not 
really!) and really wanted to grab out my Bible and read a few passages 
from Genesis and also a few from Revelation, but I only had my phone 
and camera and water in my bag (from previous experience of hiking in 
HK, I try not to take anything make of paper or similar things, which 
can be easily destroyed in the wet - my camera is fairly fine, along 
with my phone.  So, then I thought how cool it would be to be able to 
access the Bible via my phone (Sony Ericsson T630, which can browse the 
web with GPRS, with it's WAP browser).  Ok, so I know almost nothing 
about using phones to access the web, having only owned this phone for 
about 2 months, and been too busy to even figure out how to use it 
properly (friends normally play with it, figure out a new feature, and 
then teach me!), but this is something I'd be interested in trying to 
figure out, if someone else hasn't already done it!

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