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Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 11 Apr 2004 01:30:51 -0700

	This is very nice.  We have a CORBA ORB service in sword/bindings that 
essentially does this, as well, providing a true OO class interface to 
the API, but yours is much lighter weight.  Have you tested it for 
multithreading issues, e.g., does it share a common SWMgr for all 
instances (which is less memory intensive, but would be a potential 
hazard in an MT environment).  I would love to see your code if you 
would be willing to donate it back to the project.


Mark Morley wrote:
> Hi all,
> First thing: I'd like to thank those behind the sword
> project.  Great job folks!
> Thought I'd tell y'all about my little project involving
> sword.  I posted something about this in the forums, but
> they don't look like they get much traffic.
> I only discovered the sword project a few days ago and
> it immediately got my gears spinning.  The first thing
> I wanted to do was to rewrite my web bible software
> to use sword modules.  But without native PHP support,
> it wasn't possible (SWIG is not an option in this case).
> So last night I started writing a "sword daemon", a
> server process along the lines of SMTP, POP3, FTP, etc.
> It's a c++ program that runs on FreeBSD (and presumably
> most other UNIX/Linux systems).  You connect to it and
> issue commands to query the sword system (list modules,
> get module details, search texts, etc)
> With such a system, end clients do not need to link in
> the sword libraries, or even have local copies of any
> modules, etc.  The result is that module storage and
> processing resources are offloaded to a central server,
> and lightweight sword clients, written in any language
> that can access TCP sockets, can run just about anywhere.
> After an all night session, I have completed the initial
> version of 'swordd', and I also wrote a PHP client that
> accesses it, which I'm calling phpSword (which I'll change
> if that conflicts with anyone else).
> You can take the client for a spin at this URL:
>    http://christian.net/sword.php
> It's not too fancy yet, but already quite useful.  I'll
> pretty it up later...
> The source code for that is only 440 lines long, including
> style sheets and everything else.  It gets all its data
> from 'swordd', which is running on the same server but
> could be running anywhere in the world.  'swordd' can
> handle any number of simultaneous connections (limited
> by the server resources of course).
> Currently it allows you to view any number of texts and
> commentaries side by side.  It also has pop-up Strong's
> lookups when using a module that supports them.  I just
> added a basic interface to the lexicons & dictionaries
> as well, and I've got a long list of features to work on.
> If there is interest in swordd, I'll be happy to contribute
> it to the project once I clean it up and document it a bit,
> and I'll put more effort into additional features. If not,
> that's ok too - it does what I need.
> Mark
> mark@christian.net
> http://christian.net/
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