[sword-devel] Probs. w/SWORD API with C++Builder 6.0

Jonathan Mickelson sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 01 Apr 2004 16:11:23 -0500

Troy,  thanks for the welcome.  I've downloaded the latest CVS trees for
sword,  icu-sword, and biblecs.

To anyone with answers:

I'm running into to numerous snags with building sword and the other
modules using C++ Builder 6.  Is this common?  Also, are there any
components that need to be installed?  What steps are needed to
establish a golden development enviroment on a new PC?

It appears there is a great need for developer documentation for this
project.  That's something I also do well, but I need to be up and
running to start that process.  As I look around, I see that more test
cases need developing.

What is the primary development platform for SWORD API?  I recognize
Borland and Windows as primary, but also see Linux and Microsoft
compiler support and scripts.

Is there any developer documentation whether old or current?  And
finally, what is the last stable build?  I'd like to start with that
unless that is going backwards.  I'm trying to shorten the learning
curve by playing with a working model.
How many developers are on the API project currently?  What databases
are being used, if any? Persistant objects?  How are people assigned to
different modules or source code files (who is working on what?)

Any questions for me?

Thank you,
Jonathan Mickelson