[sword-devel] How to make modules.

Brook Humphrey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 08:50:45 -0800

I see quite a few others asking about how to make modules but I don't see 
allot of responses. 

I have finally got to the point were I have some modules  I would like to make 
but I really don't know how to do this. I think this question is more for 
Chris but I'm not sure. If anybody can answer I would appreciate it.

I have quite a few text files now that I would like to convert to module 
format for use with sword. Some of these are commentaries. Some are simple 
verse references. Some will be gbf format. Now can somebody give some good 
examples or explanations on how to use the stuff in the utils directory to do 
this. I see txt2mod or something like that and a few other things which I 
believe are what I'm looking for. Especially important for me is how to make 
sure the links for verses are linked properly.

Any help would be appreciated. 

PS: Chris if for some reason you would rather not put this on the list for 
fear of some of the issues we have discussed before please email me 

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