[sword-devel] Unicode enabled winsword

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 23:07:29 +0000

On Tuesday 28 Jan 2003 8:00 pm, Steve Tang wrote:
> > Do you happen to know anyone that uses Chinese windows and if they
> > could try to produce a sword locale (using whatever non-Unicode
> > encoding that is used on Chinese Windows) that will display menus and
> > booknames in Chinese for them?
> In the past 2~3 months there were updates to the Chinese locale files. So
> someone must be working on them. Sorry I can't speak more intelligently on
> 'locale' - I have no idea what this word or the locales.d directory are
> for.

Sorry, I should explain. I think it is the Chinese texts (also known as 
modules) that have been updated. I can't see any chinese locales anywhere.

The files in locales.d translate the English bible book names into other 
The format of those files is explained at:

The files in uilocales.d (or apps/windoze/CBuilder5/BibleCS/stage/uilocales.d 
on CVS) translate the sword for windows user interface into other languages.
The file format should be self explanatory, just have a look at pt_BR.conf as 
an example.

The default encoding of the files is utf8 but I think files can also be made 
for other encodings 
e.g. ru_RU-cp1251.conf
and ru_RU-koi8-r.conf
are for two different encodings of Russian
I think this is the kind of thing you would want for Chinese Windows.

> > Hmmm, on winnt+ you can type in unicode ok, but when it saves it and
> > displays the updated commentary it is back in ascii - yuck. Yep, that
> > definitely need fixed. Hopefully it can be solved at the same time as
> > the 'book name displayed in commentaries in ascii' problem.
> It seems like we're a few lines of code away from being able to save in
> utf-8 - or so I hope. This will open quite a few doors IMHO. :)