language names was Re: [sword-devel] Unicode enabled winsword

Daniel Glassey
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 18:33:00 -0000

ok, between all the ideas I can remember - how about this for what 
goes in modules conf file?:

name=Name in language of module (Lang) - "unknown" if unknown but 
should be investigated to find it out
name_en=Name in English (unless Lang=en, or should it be duplicated?)

name_xx=Name in language xx for as many as people want to translate

and add an option in preference for module names
(1)Always English
(2)Always Lang unless "unknown" then it defaults to English
(3)Users language defaulting to English if it isn't already 
(4)Users language defaulting to (2) if it isn't already translated


On 28 Jan 2003 at 5:52, Steve Tang sent forth the message:

> > Also, a question for non-English users, or those working on non-
> > English stuff. Does it make more sense for the module name to be 
> > displayed in:
> > (1)English
> > (2)the language of the module
> > (3)the language of the user
> MHO, in preference order:
> 1) have (1) & (2), both as options.
> 2) have all as options. To me, (3) is not that important compared to (2).
> Providing Chinese translations for 200 modules, to me, is not a lot of
> work. So if we have something like 'title_cn=...' in the .conf files which
> only works when the user chose a certain option.
> > 1 is generally what we have at the moment. 
> > 2 might not display on win9x, but could have a fallback of English
> > 3 would be a lot of work for translators since there are a lot of 
> > modules