[sword-devel] Sword ICU compile error

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 11:54:18 -0700 (MST)

On Sun, 26 Jan 2003, Joel Mawhorter wrote:

> Thanks Chris. I've been building Sword against ICU 2.2 for the last few months 
> with no problems except the one I just had. However, I haven't tried 
> transliteration with 2.2. In what ways does icu-sword differ from ICU 2.0? 
> I'm curious because ICU is now up to version 2.4 and it seems that it would 
> probably be worth updating to that version eventually since there have been 
> many major changes since 2.0. I would be willing to put in the work necessary 
> to update sword to ICU 2.4 and test that no functionality was lost, but I 
> just need to know what functionality I should be testing.

The main thing that icu-sword does is include Borland C++ Builder 
projects/fixes.  This is really the hard part.  I tried to update us to 
2.4 about a month ago and failed, but it's on my todo list to get it 
working (after a few more pressing issues).

Aside from that, the only changes are to data files.  icu-sword removes 
all non-required locales and adds a bunch of new transliterators (though 
some of these are now available in ICU 2.4).

I think that normcode utility was in there from when icu-sword was based 
on ICU 1.8, which (IIRC) didn't include the uconv utility that 2.0+ 
have--which provides the same (and much more) functionality.