[sword-devel] Unicode enabled winsword

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 17:23:01 -0000

I haven't checked in the source yet but there is now an alpha to test 
that has many Unicode enabled controls. This means that on a unicode 
enabled OS (sorry, that means not Win9x) that the menus/comboboxes 
etc can display unicode text.

I've added an option in the preferences to change the 'User 
interface' font. That will change what font is used in comboboxes and 
text entry.

There are still plenty of bugs like:
the book name displayed in the commentary isn't in unicode
not all controls have been converted yet
when you switch to a non-roman book name with the the combobox the 
book name combobox goes blank

On Win9x the same exe can be used but any non-Latin script will be 
displayed as '????'. For non-English windows - sword locales can 
still be made for the appropriate codepage.

It is available at:

If you are interested in such a thing please test and could you make 
and send me your unicode locale files.
The ones I can think of offhand (that there are modules and/or 
locales for already) are Thai, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), 
Korean, Russian, Ukrainian.

Also, a question for non-English users, or those working on non-
English stuff. Does it make more sense for the module name to be 
displayed in:
(2)the language of the module
(3)the language of the user

1 is generally what we have at the moment. 
2 might not display on win9x, but could have a fallback of English
3 would be a lot of work for translators since there are a lot of 


On 23 Jan 2003 at 0:06, danglassey@ntlworld.com wrote:

> ok, I've checked in the latest Tnt stuff into 
> apps/windoze/CBuilder5/TntUnicodeControls
> It'll need tested on BCB5 but looks good on BCB6 though - haven't 
> started on the gui controls yet though - want to check BCB projects 
> in first.
> d
> On 20 Jan 2003 at 13:54, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> > Daniel,
> > 	Sure, if you can get the new tnt stuff working and in cvs that would be 
> > great!  Please be sure everything is included to build _without_ making 
> > anyone download and install a tnt package into bcb.  This has been the 
> > policy since our experiences with RxLib, Indy, and other controls we've 
> > tried seem to keep changing their API, and it makes it impossible to 
> > prescribe installing a set of 3rd party tools successfully.
> > 
> > 	I'm excited to see if you have success with the new tnt stuff!  I'd 
> > love to be able to remove all the strange encodings we have currently 
> > for the BibleCS client locales.
> > 
> > 	One thing to be sure:  That at least English still works back to Win95. 
> >   It would be great if the controls fully functioned in 95, but I'm 
> > happy with "If you want client localization, you'll have to upgrade your 
> > os".