[sword-devel] Copyrights and derivative works

Joel Mawhorter sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 22:31:16 -0800

So according to U.S. law I can't create a derivative work but is a concordence 
really a derative work? It certainly is very different from the Bible text it 
is based on. In its simplest form it is just a listing of references for 
verses that contain a given word. To me that doesn't seem like a derivative 
work according to the definition at the site below. Thoughts anyone?


On January 17, 2003 21:42, Jerry Hastings wrote:
> At 08:56 PM 1/17/2003 -0800, Joel Mawhorter wrote:
> >...could I create a NIV concordence without the permission of the IBS?
> No. See: http://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ14.html#who .
> Jerry
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